About Smartpod

Smart-POD – A Sustainable Autonomous Rapid Deployment Building Solution

Conceived by the Project Team, Smart-Pod will be;

  • Sustainable – both in terms of cost and energy performance with the ability to store surplus energy and inbuilt renewable technologies
  • Modular – Standalone (should this be 2 words or hyphenated?) or in a cluster, stacked up to three high
  • Autonomous – Can Independent of fixed services
  • Reusable – Rapid redeployment to other sites
  • Transportable – Delivered to site by road and operational in 24 hours

The sectors we foresee Smart-POD deployed for are:

Education, Retail, Public services, Housing, Business incubation, Disaster relief, Medical, Military, Tourism, Community spaces and Festivals.

The idea behind Smart-Pod is to investigate the development of a modular, portable building (“SMART-Pod”) of high architectural merit capable of satisfying all issues typically associated with traditional portable building units as outlined below. It is envisaged that these qualities will also allow for the Pod to also be considered as a viable alternative to permanent building solutions. SMART outlines the philosophy behind the concept.

Current solutions for temporary classroom facilities typically:

- Need to be connected to existing services
- Lack energy efficiency
- Are aesthetically unappealing
- Are procured short term but become permanent, exacerbating energy inefficiencies
- Have limited flexibility to meet future requirements

Permanent classrooms are expensive to construct/maintain and loss of the BSF programme has resulted in a requirement to develop and provide cost effective space solutions to schools.